Kitchen Tile & Bathroom Tile

A new look by using our kitchen tile , bathroom tile and wall tile could be. The choices and styles are endless with our kitchen tile and bathroom tile . Our kitchen tile and bathroom tile having it's own characteristics and each being able to project unlimited design for your wall tile and could be as floor tile. From accent pieces to conversational walls. We got many categories you need to choose one of it is Subway tiles may be one of the most preferred tiles when it comes to kitchen tile backsplash or for the wall tile shower areas. Choosing the right colors becomes another task as the area is normally large and having a single color may look too much. Adding accent colors and shapes is the solution. We would even suggest adding cut-out areas which would prove practical as well.

For Your Kitchen Renovation & Bathroom Renovation . Our Bathroom Tile , Kitchen Tile or Wall Tile can be your feature wall and kitchen backsplash or some our Kitchen Tile and Bathroom Tile also can fit to be your floor tile

Metro & Subway Tile

Naginata Series

The Naginata Series is solely comprised of truly unique designs. The Wavy surface effect creates alternative looks as the perfect tile for an elaborate kitchen and feature wall.

Tairanaha Series

Tairanaha tiles laid in standard or creative patterns reflect light into your space and is perfect for commercial or domestic applications

New Yorker

Contemporary, Funky, Arte . Individually moulded from white porcelain with a dimension of 300mm X 100mm. Surface patterns are digital printed, with designs inspired by New York’s modern art. Results are astonishing, modern, funky, arte.

Subway Tile

Chamfered Surface , Metro tiles or sometimes called “subway tiles” create a new style in decoration, valorised by the chamfered surface effect to give architects and interior designers an endless range of composition solutions, to enrich any ambience.

Ceramic Rainbow Tile

Spectrum Colour , Rainbow ceramic tile can be fun and creative. Colourful tiles designs will liven up your kitchen, bathroom or living room. They are available in variety of colours and sizes that provide an approach to creative work involving the brodest, freest use in shape and colour

Wave Surface Metro Tile

Wave Surface Metro Tile

Natural wavy style , Spectacular wave surface cladding create design walls with an appealing and dynamic look effects marked on the surface. Vibrant and slim waves characterise the three-dimensional ceramic surface inspired with a fresh and dynamic character.

Cubic Tile

Extraordinaire Pattern – Cubic tile is a dynamic ceramic collection that takes geometric pattern to another level. The 3D cubes create an effective aesthetic that is suitable for walls. The cubic tile is dramatic, contemporary, slick, daring and memorable.

Decorative Trims

Borderless Design , A trendy new look with our boderless designed trim pieces. Now you can have a seamless look yet having an element of design to a once flat wall.


Hanoha Series comes with wave edges to stimulate the surrounding wall with classic handmade looks.



Casablanca mosaic offers a truly unique design for any indoor wall application easy way to add interest and style perfect for a backsplash or accent wall


Honeycomb – Hexagon or honeycomb tiles as they are known are a popular choice for home decor due to their sleek geometric shape that makes a really cool tile. Rokkakei series is collection of hexagonal wall and floor tiles that is perfect for renovating or interior design ideas.

Arabesque Series

Delicate and feminine arabesque tiles deliver a customized look that deserves to be featured. These tiles stun in an accented picture frame configuration or, for a bolder take, on a full bathroom floor or floor-to-ceiling accent wall. Consider using a contrasting grout color to really enhance the unique shape.

Himawari Series

Elongated Hexagon – The undeniably eye-catching beauty of Hexagon patterns creates a stunning, modern ambience.Bring a natural reference of modern elongated hexagon into your home Himawari shape adds a fresh geometry to floors and walls.


Decent and retro – Moroccan style is one of the popular designs in many household. Because of the elegant shield shape, the tile is endowed with graceful vibe, with which any space will be enhanced to another level

3D Roku

The 3D Hexagon – The 3D Roku tile effect give the wall a new dimension of extruded tile , a great way to create movement in any design. The 3-D body adds a fresh twist to any tile


Bevelled mosaic is an impressive series of mosaic tiles available in white, green, yellow, red and black. The glossy mosaic tiles have a bevelled surface which adds extra impact to wall area and can be as dramatic or minimal design.

Art Rhombus Knot

The Art Rhombus Knot collection is a series of multi-purpose with a focus on tile texture. Rhombus merges four different textures and places a stake on the original tile shape .

Arrow Feather

Arrow feather classic design that will always be in style. There’s something quite romantic and dreamy about this pattern. There are many ways to use the Arrow feather pattern into a relaxing minimal design

Basket Wave

Basketweave mosaics have a high perceived value. This classic geometric concept can add a sense of movement to any design that’s simply hard to miss. While classic in look, basket weave mosaic tile can be used in every design style, including both modern and traditional


The undeniably eye-catching beauty of elongated hexagon tile and patterned tile creates a stunning, modern ambiance. They not only give a space a welcomed touch of dimension, but adds a unique fingerprint, too. Give your space a sense of individuality today.

retro classiko mosaic

Homogeneous Glazed & Unglazed

Retro design – Classiko tile is honouring the architectural heritage and for all people who love and appreciate the long gone retro tile design. Clasikko tile is the perfect material for restoration market, compliment contemporary design with heritage atmosphere.


Different combinations of these simple elements create different patterns, building a unique, modern and fashionable home living space for you.


Daieiseki is a natural quality that transforms projects and room in elegant space. The soft tones are elegant and the range of colour is perfect to use around the whole house

Hexagonal Carrara

Carrara tile collection is a classic and modern tile with a mixed fleuri & vein cut that blend to create subtle yet distinctive patterns. Perfect for the contemporary setting and an elegant surface material for bathrooms, kitchens and floor.

Geometrical Carrara

Classiko bianco carrara comes in a classic form that still retains its modern and sophisticated shape. It is suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom wall space. With your choice of favorite space can be highlighted according to your taste.

Bianco Carrara

Rome elegant carrara marble is a one of the iconic luxury ancient.Rome marble featuring shade of white and grey. Ideal use for bathroom, kitchen floor and walls.

handmade wall & floor tile

Spain Handmade Tile

The Spanish Handmade collection comes from the spanish ceramic manufacturing tradition. Its character is based in their original textures and handmade looking surfaces. Mixing of innovation and crafts offers with this series on unique product.

Artisan Tile

Artistic Design – Created by hand printing expert, it shows the natural pattern which available in an exlcusive and elegant designs that range from traditional to contemporary. In line with historic restoration projects, Artisan tiles capture the essence of our heritage architecture. Artisan tile are perfect for feature wall, bathroom, bedroom, stairs, kitchen and dining room.

Blue White Tile

Western Oriental – The Blue White tile has a refined white quality. Simple yet elegant in design, the bright blue colours and rich patterns looks wonderful when matched with accessories tiles. Perfect match for kitchen back splashes and showers or for adding and design elements to your wall.

japan porcelain tile

Airi Series

Airi series comes with elongated natural textured surface. They’re super functional, flatter any living space and they can be laid in several tile patterns, giving you flexibility with design

Motto Series

A classic for a good reason, rectangular tiles are a timeless choice for a multitude of surfaces.Comes with natural shade, motto series show the variety of patterns that most oblong shape tile can be arranged in further enhances their versatility.

Jin Series

Help you to transform the simplest of spaces into modern schemes that celebrate textured, rustic style in the home

Tsumugi Series

Expressed the texture of the woven fabric.Large format tile that matches both Japanese and Western styles.

Sansui Series

Hexagon tiles are bang on trend and mimic the shape of a natural beehive. This contemporary collection works perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms; they can also liven up living rooms by creating a stunning feature wall.

Chat Series

Undeniably eye-catching beauty of Hexagon patterns creates a stunning, modern ambiance. Chat series are suitable for a variety of installations including for countertops, accent walls, and as a backsplash tile.


Geometric Fusion – The hexagon shape , Rokkaku tiles are glazed using traditional Japanese firing technique. Rokkaku tiles will change the appeal to an area with its unlimited patterns and colours.

Tide Series

Square tiles have been gracing walls and floors for centuries. What square tiles haven’t had all this time are the variety of options that current tile technology has made possible. Unique finishes, 3-D effects

Ao No Doukutsu

The illumination – This beautiful hexagon tile is called “Ao No Doukutsu” literally means The Illumination Tree which happens in several parts of Japan. The term to illumination of space is to beautify the area with “Ao No Doukutsu” tiles. .


Elongated Hexagon – The Elongated Hexagonal tile pattern that moves away from the traditional hexagon tile format that adds elegance to living space.


3D Diamond – The 3d Diamond shape add an entirely new dimension of style to any space with the bold shape and sleek lines of timeless yet modern diamond tile as backsplash


The Veins of Leaf – Youmyaku means the veins of a leaf. Representing nature with a piece of modern art.

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